Friday, September 08, 2006

Am I crazy?

Or does this 5lb rice bag look like it would be a great small/medium project bag? Because I sure think it does. I'll have to test it of course, but I am sure it will be great, and if it gets dirty or tears or something.... who cares? It was a rice bag!

In other news, I didn't die from the plague that beset me, I just felt like I would. I haven't really been knitting much so I haven't posted either. Hopefully, I'll finish something soon so I actually have something to post about.


Stacey said...

I always see the bags of rice at BJ's and think they would make a great bag!!!

Theresa said...

Looks like a great project bag! I could see this starting a trend--soon we'll see people paying $$$ for the oh-so-trendy rice bags in chic little Georgetown boutiques. :)