Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Long Incoherent Rambling

I had a fun trip, but was extremely glad to be home. And then I woke up Monday morning with awful throat cooties and didn't feel like doing anything at all.

I would love to show you the beautiful photographic highlights of my trip, but... well... I forgot my camera. So we'll do like Amie did and just pretend, kay?

First we have a picture of a box truck that is spewing smoke out of its tailpipe. Lovely, black smoke. And you can see on the back of the truck, it has a picture that says "You're car has never run better." and then.. the "Snap-On" logo. That's right folks, the Snap-On man can't fix his own truck.

And then we have a picture of of the green exit sign for "8 Mile Road" if only because I had no idea that Eminim was from Detroit. And while I don't like all of his music, and I think he has lots of issues that he needs help with, I sometimes find his point of view correct and think he is lyrically brilliant.

And now, you'll really have to picture this one.... because I really regret not being able to get a shot of it. Imagine a small seedy adult "toy" shop with a nice big parking lot all around it. And next to it.. there's a lovely woodworking shop with the title "Natural Wood". Talk about shop placement!! We rolled.

That's about it for missing pictures. Wasn't that a fun game? Sure it was. But moving on!

The driving itself was long and tedious. And it turns out, that if you make a wrong turn on the Penna Turnpike, you end up having to go about 30 miles out of your way and pay a freaking toll charge just to turn around. Ask me how I know.. ASK ME!!!! (ok don't, it'll just bring up all my frustration again) And their "Service Plaza" areas, well, they sucked. Dirty, crowded, shitty parking, just unpleasant.

But that did mean that when we got to the lovely, beautiful, wonderful, oh so flat state of Ohio, we rejoiced. Well thought out and planned Service Plazas, that were spacious, and clean. They had a nice food court seating area, and they were clean. Did I mention clean? Ohio charges less for you to go across their state than Pennsylvania charges to go across one freaking corner. And it's so much nicer. They really know their niche I think. They know that most people aren't stopping, but just passing through and they make you happy to spend your money with them. So kudos to you Ohio! ( Pennsylvania however, can die in a fire.)

That mostly sums up the trip. Other than the I got sick somewhere along the way part and feel so very rotten now that I am back. I can't sleep because I feel like I am suffocating when I lie down. I can't get my throat to stop hurting, and I am a miserable human being. *whine whine whine*

But I found my camera. So I can now supply some photos for you eye candy readers out there.

These are the bowls we got on our trip. They are perfect French Onion Soup bowls and I plan to make some as soon as I feel up to going to the store to replenish the onion supply.

I am thinking of making myself a new needle case now that I know more what I need in one, and was thinking of using these fabrics, but I am still undecided.

And then I was going to take the current cover flap of my old case (below) and make it into a dpn case. There should be just enough fabric there, and I love the print, which I got as scrap, so I don't think I could ever find more of it.

Now I just have to feel like bothering to sew them up.


Stacey said...

Great descriptions - I could "see" the pictures even without them! :)

Hope you feel better soon!!

eunny said...

Oh! I love that fish fabric! Um, I hear someone breaking into your house and rummaging around in your fabric stash, I can tell you right now that it definitely, certainly, ABSOLUTELY wasn't me or anything.

Glad you had a good trip, and I hope you feel better soon!

Carol said...

Mmmmm french onion soup....

PuppyMomma said...

Ahhh...throat cooties. I hope you feel better.