Monday, August 21, 2006

I am so stealing this idea!

Tonight at knitting group we had a new member join us. Her name is Lisa and her blog is over at I Tink, Therefore I Am. And besides having a clever and orignal blog name, (of which I am envious, because while soapturtle knits is cute, it's not clever) she also had a great idea and I am going to copy it.

When we asked her if she had a blog and what it was, so I could add her to my sidebar, she pulled out a business card!!!!!

It has her name, her blog link, her email, and her cell number on it, (which I have blurred out most of, since I figure if you want to start stalking her, you need to work for it a little more than just getting it from my blog) and all I could think, besides "oohhhhhhh purple!!! pretty flower!!!" was how freaking cool is this? And how freaking cool would it be to have these on hand at something like Maryland Sheep and Wool? And in your knitting bag, so if you pick up random knitters they can find you to come to your group, or if you get a new group member they can easily find you on the intarwebs and get it touch with you if they need to do so.

She ordered them online at VistaPrint, and I have to say I am inspired and will be doing the same!

Now go on over to her blog and say hi!


trek said...

I print out business cards with my blog address and email when I mail out socks bags in swap. Very easy to do and handy.

Lolly said...

It is the perfect idea for meetups ;)

Good to see you last night!