Monday, August 07, 2006

Randomness and 2 Reviews

I haven't finished Supersheep yet. I'm still on his first arm. I did work on him a tiny bit this weekend, as well as the Lace Leaf shawl but mostly I played WoW with shmoo. ( For those of you who plau, my mage hit lvl 58, got attuned to the core and is ready for Jailbreak. This will be my second toon to hit 60. )

Review 1:
I worked on Lace Leaf while watching V for Vendetta. It was good. I enjoyed it, I felt I got something from it and I didn't hate any of the characters at the end (like I did with Capote). I'd recommend this movie. It was interesting, moved along nicely, and I got a whole repeat done while watching.

Review 2:
My Knitpicks order came in as well. It was 3 lace patterns and 2 balls of their new Telemark.
You can see it here amongst the frantic chaos of knitting piled on the coffee table.

I ordered this to swatch for Eunny's Deep V Argyle Vest. I joined the knitalong for it ages ago, but haven't found the right yarn and everyone was having such a problem getting gauge with Merino Style that I knew I didn't want to use it. So I ordered Telemark as soon as someone mentioned it.

I really like this yarn. It's soft. It feels sturdy but very touchable. Don't get me wrong, it's no Baby Ull, but it is very nice. So nice that I keep petting it as I swatch. So nice that shmoo thought it was soft and would be willing to wear it. So nice that he recommended I send a swatch to my mother to try out. I loved the way it felt in the ball. I love the way it feels as I knit it up, and I like the way it looks so far. I am very happy with the little test and will certainly order this again. The colors are most accurate in the swatch picture below.

Now on to the random babble. You may want to stop here.

I have been lusting after Rowan 37's Butterfly for a while now. I have read the huge thread on Craftster. I have drooled over different lace weights looking for the perfect one but still haven't found it. I know I don't want to use Kidsilk, at least not for the first one. The test run if you will.

Then I figured I could just use the lace weight from my stash to test it out. And what's better to test out a lace pattern than a swatch.. and why not make the swatch into a shawl, Evelyn Clark style? Why not? Because the stitch pattern really doesn't fit nicely into the schematic. That's why. The repeats for growing the sides are screwy so this has now been abandoned. But during the charting of said stitch pattern on graph paper to find the growth repeat, I realized it's really very easy. I mean.. EASY. So then I re-read the pattern last night and see no reason I shouldn't just go ahead and make it. So I'll be sticking that back on my todo list. I think I'll start with the vest and then if I like it, I'll make the dress for a special event/night out.

And how cool would an argyle hat be from those shades of green? Yeah... that cool.

I ripped the back of the Drop Stitch Hoodie, so it is no more. I'll probably go with the newer card from the Fall IK and made the previously mentioned adjustments.

I think I need to knit more from my stash. It's getting bigger than I would like. It's nice to have stuff on hand to tinker and experiment with, but I want it to be more under control.

I think doing the Altered Halter Bag will help with using stash. Especially if I make two of them. Everyone needs a prototype, right?

Here in the near I need to finish 1. Supersheep, 2. The baby blanket, 3. The lace leaf shawl, 4. Edgar, 5. Clapotis 2, 6. shmoo sock(s)

I have decided I need to finish at least 3 of the 6 above before I am allowed to actually start anything else. Swatching and planning other projects doesn't count.

I am ripping the hat and the scarf listed in the sidebar and removing them. I don't remember what I was doing with the hat, if I ever actually knew, and I don't like the way the scarf is looking.

I also need to finish up the last of my yarn for the Handspun swap I am in on Craftster so I can get it mailed out early/on time.

Tonight is Columbia Knitting Group. If you are in the Lower Baltimore/Columbia/PG County area, come to the Borders off of 175 and Dobbins. We'll be there at 7. Come and have fun if you can!


trek said...

We meet at a Borders on Mondays at 7, too!

Stacey said...

Glad you frogged the hoodie - I think it is for the best. :)

Good to hear nice things about the new Telemark! I really REALLY want to do some fair isle stuff this winter (if not just mitts and hats) and I'll have to take a look at this yarn!

You should do a stash swap in the knitting group - everyone brings some stuff from their stash to swap and trade that they are sick of looking at sitting in their stash! I've never done/been in one, but I've read great things about them! (I'd even come down for it!)

Molly Morrison said...

I was going to come tonight, I really was, but then the thunderstorm was a little too much, on top of being tired. I hope a great time was had by all who were brave enough to head outside! (And thanks for the review about Telemark, I was wondering about it!)

aija said...

Those telemark colors looks great.

Lolly said...

I like Stacey's idea! We should do that ;) Of course, I know about stashbusting too... I have been doing it for Summer of Stash, and I still have a long way to go, but it feels good to rediscover some of the beautiful yarns in the stash.

It was great to talk to you more last night. Thanks also for the review on Telemark. I am really hoping to delve into colorwork this year, so this one will be a yarn to try.