Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Idea Overload

As with every new knitting magazine I get, I am overwhelmed with ideas that I now know will never come to fruition.

For instance, (get your IK out and be prepared to flip around) remember that Drop Stitch Hoodie I did the back on and then proceeded to let sit in my work basket? Yeah, I do too. And it occurred to me looking at the new Fall 06 IK that it wasn't the dropped stitch I liked about the hoodie it was the zipper details. I liked the zippers at the wrists, and the middle, and the hood, so that the hood actually laid flat against the back. Loved that last detail actually. LOVED.

But then I saw the Wanderlust Hoodie (page 58 for those of you following along at home) and thought, "Huh. I really like the way this looks. I'd like it better as a cardigan. Structured more like the Dropped Stitch Hoodie really, and it would be bang up." And then I saw that it was with bulky yarn. And bulky yarn and bulky girls (which I am) don't go that well together.

So I flipped some more. And I found the Sienna Cardigan (page 122). And I could make the 52 inch chest size and have several inches of ease there. Which is good for a sweater you wear over everything. You want room to breathe. At least I do. Tighter is for the T-shirt I have under the Cardigan. And this one looks like it would be fairly easy to change to a zipper. And add zippers in at the wrists. And make the neckband an actual hood and add a zipper to it as well.
And then, there would be a hood, and it would lie flat. Yum.

I still don't know that I will just abandon the Dropped Stitch Hoodie. I mean, the back IS complete. And it was fairly easy to do. I am just worried it will look awful on me. In fact, as cool as the stitch pattern is, I am almost positive it will not look great on me. And for all that work, it should look great dammit!

And then I have been thinking about felted bags again. And after the last disaster with one, I have been a bit hesitant to do another one. But then I saw the staff projects for this issue, (page 98) and before you hurl, what about this....? Bag two. The pattern at the bottom with the stranded knitting flowers, done in the manner of the top of the bag, with the flowers in the center of each panel and then the columns (that look like steeks to me) between each motif. And that's all there is to the bag. Except the straps of course. I don't exactly like the straps there, but I am not sure a different strap would look better and if so, which one would be best?

Here's my rough (very rough) sketch of what I have in mind, but you get the idea.

So taking all this into account. And having all of these ideas roaming around my head (note: this is not counting the ones I immediately dismissed) and thinking I needed to finished up some of the WIPs I have going on first......

I went and cast on for the Lace Leaf Shawl.

bonus progress shot of supersheep/sheeperman:

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Stacey said...

I so know what you mean - I get new mags and have my list of patterns to make - how many actually end up being made - not so many....

I'd say frog the back - make it into something you'll wear!

The wanderlust hoodie - I was thinking no hood - Just a slight V neck - I don't like how it doesn't lay flat! But as a cardi it would be great!