Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Socktoberfest and other things.

First, the other things.

My Gallery seems to have shit itself when I wasn't looking so I'll be dinking with it more later to correct the issue. So no beach pictures right now.

I ripped the Clapotis (which I may have already mentioned, can't remember) and I have ripped out the sock I was doing for shmoo as well. I am also ripping out the one Jaywalker I have completed and the 3 rows I did the other night at knitting group. It was a hard to decision to rip my first completed sock, but I have decided I really don't care for the colorway with that pattern. I want something better, or different, or something. I still like the pattern but I will wait til a yarn tells me that's what it wants to be.

I finished the cape for Supersheep while on vacation, it's a little short, but mostly the thing still looks the same, so no new picture.

I also worked on my lace leaf shawl but didn't do that much on it because it will be a gift for my mom and I didn't want to flash it in front of her too much.

I did some spinning as well, both lace weight with Mama E's Platinum and then some fingering of that chocolate cherry fiber I mentioned ages ago. Also no pictures right now.

But wait! Lest you think I have no pictures to show. I do!
I was working on the front of Viveka cause that will be the hardest part with the most mods on it, and I wanted to get rolling on that before I forgot what I wanted to do while drudging thru the back.

So I started with an OXO cable up the front sides along where the zipper will be.

But then I didn't think it popped enough, so I decided to change it to a simple chevron like cable and let it go at that. This however, required surgery.

The braid I switched to:

One surgery down, one to go:

And finally, for Socktoberfest, I have cast on for the Red Herring Socks from Knitty. These socks will be for my shmoo, since I just ripped his current WIP sock out. I do like the colors I have chosen, and while they don't "pop" as much as I would perhaps wish for myself because of similar color saturation, I don't think shmoo will mind at all. They are definately his type of colors. And since he also approved the zigzag design, as long as they fit, I am sure he'll wear them! This is of course assuming I actually finish them.


Carol said...

Steeking to come! I wait with bated breath! Actually, warn a girl before you actually post the picture of the cut steeks so I can get some fortification. or white?

Theresa said...

Love the braided cable. It looks great in that yarn. And the sock looks lovey too.

And dolphins on vacation? I am jealous! Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing break.

Stacey said...

Oooh - looking great! I do like the cable you switched to - I think you can see it much better. What yarn are you using for Red Herring? The colorwork looks great!