Monday, October 02, 2006

Woot Woot!

My beautimus new spindle has arrived! It's handmade by Mr. Tracy Eichheim of Woolly Designs in Colorado. I got the Ultralight with hummingbirds carved into it. It's about 19 grams (just under .7 ozs) and spins like a dream.

And check out those hummingbirds! He carves all that stuff using a scroll saw. No laser cutting! He has lots of great options, but I chose hummingbirds cause they make me think of my mom.

I have big plans for it next week when we go on vacation to St. George Island (Florida) with my family. I plan to spin up some of the deep dark blue I bought awhile back from Cloverhill as a lace weight, and do more of the BFL I got from Amy Boogie on my Kundert spindle as well.

Anyway, overjoyed, and wanted to share. A shot of some finished yarn after it dries.


Kim said...


Stacey said...

That is a beautiful spindle - what craftsmanship! The yarn is pretty nice too!!! :)

Eleni said...

As if I didn't want to spin already! That is a spectacular piece of carpentry!

trek said...

Pretty spindle, pretty yarn.