Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So yesterday while trolling the intarwebs, I finally stumbled across Mama E's profile.

I knew that she had been making yarn and it was being named for people I knew (two of the sucky knitting girls in fact) but it just didn't dawn on me she might be local.

So, yeah, her profile says "Charm City" Maryland. Hrmm.. Charm City!!?? (Yes, just like the old cowboy in that old Pace picante commercial.) I go to mapquest.... no Charm City... ok.. google...Aha! Charm City is Baltimore! Well, hell!

So I go to knitting group last night, and lo and behold, Mama E (and her cool friend Cheryl) have come to knit with us. And they are funny! Lord knows I love funny people. I am pretty sure they thought I was funny too, and there is nothing better than someone who gets your jokes.

So we had a great time, and laughed and laughed. And we even knit some too!

I finished most of the blue scrap scarf while there. And I finished it up this morning.

It's not soaking in the sink. I had several thoughts while I was knitting it. "Aw, man, I should have made this wider and made placemats out of it." But there wasn't enough yarn for that. And then, "Shit! I could have made Daisy another sweater very quickly with this, it would have looked great and been soft for her." But, then I would have had more yarn left over, and it's getting warm, so she doesn't NEED another doggie sweater anytime soon, and getting her to try it on wouldn't be pleasant. So perhaps the scarf was the right thing to do. It's very soft and sproingy. It's also pretty if you like shades of blue. I don't know if I will keep it, or gift it, or even donate it, but regardless, it's done.

So I started on a second scrap scarf. Also with Batman yarn. All garter stitch this time, and the addition is Dalegarn Stork in red. Another stashbusting quickie. Yay.

Now, I have a why question. Whhhhhyyyyy are cats, who hate having baths, obsessed with running water? Why? The water in their bowls; the water in the sink; the water when you take a bath, even the water in the commode. Why? I just don't understand.

Bri takes this obsession with running water so far that you can't leave a drink on your desk, or side table unattended because he will deliberately knock it over just to watch the contents pour out. Of course, he also deliberately knocks off other random things from tables, and shelves. You catch him at it, tell him no, and he'll shoot you and look, and there's still a 50% chance he'll do it anyway.

*Sigh.* If our pets are this bad, how bad will our children turn out to be?


Amie said...

Having owned three different cats who have all gotten in the bathtub with me at some point in their lives, I'm not convinced they hate water....

Lolly said...

I have not met MamaE yet! Lots of emails, but no formal meeting... definitely at the Festival! are you going to her KnitBloggers' Ball?

I love the little turtle soapdishes on your sink! *too cute*

Best wishes, Laura!