Sunday, April 16, 2006


So after finishing up Batman, I was in a finishing up mood and picked up the sari silk scarf I had going. Mostly, it's garter stitch but I threw in some stockinette on opposite sides here and there just for the hell of it. It was interesting to knit with the silk yarn. Very thick and thin; very heavy, and yet it still has a super drape. It would be neat to see a garment done in it, but it's just so damn heavy, it's not reasonable. Perhaps a shawl, but again, heavy. And it's hard to get a stitch pattern that works with it at all. The finished product is very soft however, and it shouldn't give my mother skin cooties, since it's all silk.

So after I finished up the sari silk scarf.... Instead of casting on a project(s) I really want to do, or finishing up something else that's in progress, I cast on for another scarf instead. Yes. Another scarf. Don't ask, I have no idea why. Well, I do. It's the leftovers from the Batman pullover, and the 2 ply Botany from my stash. They are all different shades of blue and the botany is very thing as well. I am using US 13s and it's knitting up nice and soft as well as a little springy. I'll probably make a garter stitch version from the yellow and black, and add in another random ball from my stash (the red Dale stork). It's just 24 stitches, and it's obviously not intensive knitting. But I do like the way it's turning out.

Now to just finish Danica, and Clapotis, and Jaywalkers, and my toe-ups, and maybe do something with the Jaywalker armwarmer idea, and rip out the Geisha sock (because I have decided I didn't care for it), and finish up the kid's knitting machine scarf for my brother, and a hat I did for shmoo and got halfway done with but didn't finish.

After all that, I can start Lady Eleanor, Topi, Nautie, and just maybe Aran Rose. Of course, by then it will be June and I will not want to knit on hot all woolen items. Perhaps I'll start socks for shmoo instead.

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