Monday, April 17, 2006


It has occurred to me that I use way too many exclamation marks. Both in blogging and in my e-mails. Maybe I am just too excitable.

So I have been trolling for new podcasts, and spent much of yesterday listening to them. (I was going to watch Dune -the original movie one, not the SciFi channel version- and it was just so cartoony and awful, I gave up not very far in. I know it's been over 10 years since I read the book, but it just didn't seem to match up to what I recall. We have the SciFi version too, deluxe version with commentary, but I want to wait on shmoo so we can watch it together. But I digress.) I found several new podcasts to which I will actually continue to listen.

Pointy Sticks: She plays music, but not too much and I am getting better at skipping songs. If I remember correctly this is another podcast out of Texas. I like hearing her talk about her projects, and her husband who knits.

PixiePurls: A southern girl, (Shout out to the Northeastern Atlanta area!) who doesn't play music. Obviously that's a win for me. I also like that listening to her talk. It's like being back home. Shmoo gives me a hard time about my accent and tells me to "speak English!" all the time. But listening to PixiePurls is almost as good as calling back home, maybe even better, because she's talking about knitting (and spinning).

It's a Purl, Man: Guido's podcast is a little different. He plays music. Most of it, worldbeat style, so sometimes I actually listen to it. It's really about the music hooking me before I go to click past it. His podcast is interesting and different, if only because you get a male knitter's point of view.

Knitcentric: Shannon is living in Okinawa, Japan. And I am guessing from some of her comments, that her husband is in the service, and that's where they are stationed. She's a huge sock knitter, and stash collector. She doesn't play music (/cheer) and so far, I like this podcast.

Stitchcast: This is by Julie of the Boogabag fame. So far it's interesting, and I plan to keep on listening.

There were 3 or 4 others that didn't make the cut for me, and I still have to check out Craft Borg and At the Yarn Shop, but over all I am pleased with my new podcast additions. It's certainly a lot more than the 3 I had before I started looking again yesterday. (KnitCast, Knitting News Cast, and Musing of a Peaceful Knitter just in case you were curious.)

That's it for me, Columbia Knitters Group meets at the Panera on Dobbins tonight at 7. Be there if you can!


Mama -E said...

you rock sister! so nice to meet you!

MrsIrB said...

Adam teases -me- about my accent. I can't imagine what he thought when he met a deep Southerner!

Oh, Yoda Sweater is almost finished!!! <--Exclamation points FTW!