Sunday, June 11, 2006

At the zoo.

As promised, here are a few highlights of the zoo trip.

This guy was determined to get to the tree bark, despite the fence and the heavy screen protecting it.

This colorful bird reminded shmoo of a Nike commercial for some reason. And the red eyes aren't from the camera, they are actually that red.

These boys are located at the sea lion enclosure. I think this photo is my favorite of the bunch. In fact, the original is my current desktop wallpaper. The super-saturation of the light, the cool gray of the stones, and the faint greens of the moss give the picture a stark, surreal, almost alien feeling.


Coleen said...

missed you yesterday!

Stacey said...

The zoo! I love the zoo. I give credit to that beaver - great determination! The last photo of the pelicans is great - I agree - the colors are really eerie!

Lolly said...

That bird is so cool! I love his red eye! I have not been to the zoo in ages - we should do a zoo/knit day ;)