Thursday, June 22, 2006

Run. Don't Walk.

Yes, I said RUN.
To your local Target.
Hit up the dollar section by the door.

There you will find some little bags that they call "Fabric Treat Cans" and I call "I just got a neat little wrist bag for making sock knitting easily portable and didn't have to pay a bazillion dollars for the Lantern Moon one" bag. I got two. (They also have loads of Napoleon Dynamite stuff on markdown too. Vote for Pedro Fridge Pad ftw.)

OK. Got your bag? You can walk now.

Here is the yarn I spun up Monday night during knitting group. The wonderful Amie helped me out. Basically, spinning on a spindle is indeed as slow as I seem to be doing it, I can't make it faster, and I need to be more patient. But I ended up with not quite 20 yards, and I'm not giving myself blisters anymore, (don't ask!) so there is some definite improvement.

And finally, OMG! I won the yarn naming contest that Mama-E had. BEAUREGARD won! So now I get some of that SO SO BEAUTIFUL purple yarn. And I even got to pick the name. How cool is that?

And since several people asked, the reasons I didn't like the Hedera socks were... While the pattern was good, it wasn't toe-up, and with it as written, it looked horrible on my ankles. They looked like fat stuff sausages and it was just unattractive. I am sure this wouldn't have been a problem had they been taller, but they weren't. And I didn't want to randomly make them taller because I didn't want to run out of yarn. So I am doing the Badcauls because everyone in the knitblog universe says they are superfast, and because they are toe-up. I can make these puppies as tall as the yarn will let me and I think that's a good thing.

And finally, I am curious about the people that actually read my blog. So if you read it fairly regularly but haven't ever commented, leave a comment! I'd like to get to know you!

Happy Thursday!


Susan said...

Hi from the Eastern Shore! I read and have never commented - pretty much every day, or every other day I check to see if you've posted. Mama-E sent me here. (it was the comment about the cool hand salve that made me click the link w/ unseemly haste, but I then realized that unless I stop biting my nails/ripping apart my cuticles that all the hand salve in the WORLD isn't going to do me any good!)

It might sound odd, but for those of us who don't blog (and don't know anyone personally who do) bloggers seem to be a bit celebrity-ish. So leaving comments always feels a bit....intrusive, like asking someone for their autograph while they're eating dinner. I e-mailed Wendy from Knit & Tonic and was absolutely GOBSMACKED when she e-mailed me back - all nice and chatty and friendly. I still haven't worked up the courage to send a reply......

Wierd, isn't it?

Amie said...

Hi, Susan! I lived in Slower Lower DE for a while, and have family on the Eastern Shore! Lovely area - I'd go back in a heartbeat!

Anyway, Laura, I MUST have those green bags. SO cute. They didn't have them just the other day (as I often browse through the dollar section for just such a find) but tomorrow I'll make another check...

Congrats on turning violet, Violet.... :D

Coleen said...

jeez Laura! Now I need to go buy a cute bag too. Like I really need ANOTHER bag. :)

Emma said...

Cute bags, thanks for the tip. And congrats on winning the contest!

spirals said...

bonjour.... love the blog... so wish we had a target in canada... well in my part of canada.... is there targets somewhere in canada?


PuppyMomma said...

Loving the cute wee skein! And I'm so glad to hear about the blisters.

Stacey said...

what a cute little skein!

I saw those bags in Target too! They smelled a little like rubber, but I ended up getting one for the dogs. I may see if I can get the smell out and use it for socks! I love the ones you got - I didn't see those patterns!