Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What to do, what to do?

Many of you have asked what I am doing with the new handspun. Well, orignally, I was going to be alternative hippieish and make A Maiden's Glory from The Anticraft.

I realized when I decided I wanted to make it that I would
A) probably never wear it except for maybe Halloween or a Ren Fest.
B) feel all stupid and like I was trying to be one of those fake alternative punk knitting teen types, whose also into witchcraft. This would be made all the worse by the fact that I am not teen, punk, or wiccan.
C) be wasting my handspun on something I'd never use.

Keeping all that in mind, I want something that's unique, and beautiful and takes advantage of the colorways of the yarn, and mostly, I want something I would use.

I have another idea in mind, but I'm still not sure if it is something I would actually use, or how it will turn out in the end. Maybe I'll just end up making a hat.


Stacey said...

Nothing wrong with hats! Maybe handwarmers? Something that you will wear/use is key!

Elinor said...

Make gloves or mittens. Then you can enjoy looking at them while you wear them!