Saturday, June 10, 2006

I've seen London, I've seen France....

Ok.. I haven't seen France. But I have certainly seen a ton of D.C. this week.

We ended up taking TourMobile on Tuesday. I think it was a good decision. You got lots of random touristy info, and there wasn't as much walking. I was a little worried about wearing Nana out. TourMobile helped with a lot of that and I learned more about D.C. and some other places besides the Smithsonian and the Monuments that would be nifty to visit.

Wednesday we went to the Phillips Collection Gallery and the Textile Museum. I didn't like a lot of the paintings the Gallery had on display but I was definitely impressed with the breadth and scope of the collection. I am normally a Dali girl all the way, and I loved loved LOVED the Dali Museum in St. Pete, Florida, but I did find several things to like in the Phillips Collection. El Greco, and his repentant St. Peter, was just beautiful. I also liked Kandinsky's Succession, and one of Picaso's blue period paintings I don't remember the name of.

There were also some Manets, and I think one Monet, and Van Goghs and just an astounding scope of artists in the Gallery. If you are an art lover, I suggest you try to make it one of your stops if you are in D.C. (And I mustn't forget the Renior, considered the jewel of the collection, even if not by me.)

The Textile Museum was neat. So much intricate embroidery/needlework on display. When you consider the man hours that went into that, it's overwhelming. I wish they had had more on knitting, as they had very very little. They did have a little fiber and spinning display, but the spindle that was there wasn't really user friendly and I think they are recycling previously spun fiber. It was still nice to visit however, and it was free (donations welcome/suggested).

Thursday we went to Mt. Vernon. We didn't get to go on the cruise down and back that we wanted because it was booked full on the day that everyone could go, but we hit up Metro and Fairfax Connector and it was just fine. The restaurant at the Inn was very reasonably priced as well.

Friday we hit up the National Zoo before they had to leave to catch their plane. It was a little hot, but if was fine if you stayed in the shade, and there was a nice breeze. I have tons of animal pics, but I haven't edited any for blogging yet, so perhaps I'll toss some of those up tomorrow.

For now, we are off for a leisurely breakfast at IHOP! Don't forget it's Knit In Public Day!!!

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