Monday, June 26, 2006

More spinning, more pictures.

I've had a productive morning. I decided to try and spin up the Tintagel Farms fiber I got at MS&W. A 50/50-wool/mohair blend in the colorway "Lillypond". The last time I tried to spin it, I couldn't. Not a lick. It was just too fine, and slippy, and short. This morning went much better.

I am pleased with how it turned out over all. The fiber is overall green but it has some brilliant spots of blue, a touch of purple, and mustardy yellow as well, and when I was drafting it out, I tried to make the most of the color changes so there would be more variation. It's still mostly green, but once I plied it, it was neat to see the other colors spiraled throughout the green.

The texture of the fiber was super light, soft, and airy. The texture of the yarn, not so much. It's a little scratchy, but has the mohair halo. But I still like it.

To the left is the corriedale light green, hanging quietly in the bathroom after having it's hot water bath.

And here is the detail shot of the same. It's a thickish worsted. And the picture, a little blurry.

And this is the Lillypond, on the spindle.

And a detail of the yarn before I set the twist. Also pretty much a worsted.


Stacey said...

SO pretty! (and so consistent!) the spinning and plying look great!!!!! I love the little subtle bursts of color

PuppyMomma said...

Great job! It looks just yummy. I wish I could ply on MY spindle so evenly. Have you decided what you are going to knit with it?

K2 Knits said...

That's gorgeous. I'm so impressed with your newfound spinning talent! Purchasing a drop spindle and learning to spin is my goal for next year's MS&W. ;)