Saturday, January 21, 2006

Critters in the Closet.

Soap Gremlins. Bad Knitting Fairies? What is going on lately? Perhaps it is just the winter blahs.

I made a nice salt soap about two weeks ago that I never blogged about because it didn't turn out pretty. In fact, the bars are quite funny shaped and thus I am unhappy with them. It smells nice and soft. It has lovely additives. I like the way it lathers. It's just not pretty. I wanted this to be nice pretty bars for when I re-open my site. I wanted nice pretty bars for having on hand to give to my friends. Just because. Instead I have ugly bars of soap that it will take forever to use up. I have to apologize to the people to whom I give these bars. "I'm sorry it's ugly but it's still good soap, I promise!" I admit I hadn't made soap in a couple of months and this was the first time I had used this stove and oven, but it should have been fine. Instead the Soap Gremlins came to visit for the first soap in our apartment, and the soap is ugly.

As you can see, the older, nicer shaped bar, is on the left and the BEST of the ugly shaped bars is on the right. It only goes downhill shape-wise from there.

As for the Bad Knitting Fairies... Well, I am just not THRILLED with any of my projects. I like them, don't get me wrong. When they are finished I will LOVE them and be oh so happy to wear/gift/whatever-I-had-planned- for them. But I really just don't want to do them. Instead I scour the 'net for Ideas and Patterns for things I would like to make. They get added to my ever-growing future project list. I drool for hours over yarns I refuse to buy because I don't want to add to my stash. I keep telling myself the goal is to knit the yarn, not store it. And yet, I still manage to sneak in a little more now and then, which is it's own vicious cycle of guilt.

Finally, I decided I wanted to get some brown slidey shoes for the winter. Then I decided on Birks. Then I found a picture of a pair of Tatami Mongolia. Then I found out they appear to be discontinued. And then I went and looked on eBay and saw three pairs that are too small and a pair that would have fit, and had a great price that sold 2 weeks ago. *Sigh.*

Then I trundled along and found some Ugg Hamptons I like. But they are Uggs. Which generally makes me say.. UHGG!. They are nice slide-on shoes with the sheepskin lining, which makes me think of lovely cozy toes. But they are more than I want to spend on shoes. The REI site says they are reduced however, so maybe I can get lucky at the local store.


I still really want those damn Mongolias.


MrsIrB said...

The problem with the fuzzy interior of any shoe is that, eventually, it will smell like a wet dog. I had a pair of boots I wore when it snowed, and by the end of the winter, if I sat them too close to a heater, it smelled like I'd sprayed a few dogs and let them romp around the house. So, I recommend fuzzy socks.

And as for my knitting? I'm revelling in projects that I can screw up a row and not have to frog. Woot!

Penny said...

Oh, dear! I don't know what you are thinking... There is NOTHING wrong with that soap *silly girl* :-)

I, on ther other hand, know a thing (or seventeen) about BUS (butt ugly soap) - lol! Chin up, those Gremlins will head south, when I faire up the stand mixer, again!

- penny