Thursday, January 26, 2006

X's and O's.

I love Ikea. They have the niftiest things. Like these silicon mold ice trays. Shmoo thought they were perfect for Jack and Cokes. I thought they were perfect for little Valentine's Day guest soaps. Hugs, Kisses, and Hearts! Whee! Perhaps I'll get around to making a small batch of them to see how they do. They do make charming ice cubes however.

I started the Felted Bag. And I am still in love with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. It has to be my favorite yarn. I am adding bits of the CC color trim here and there, despite swooning over the original look of the bag. Perhaps I am dooming myself to not LOVE this bag once it is made because of these decorative changes, but... I can't help myself. I feel like I need to have some color piping on the edges. If I don't like it, at least I'll have someone's Christmas Gift done, and an excuse to make myself another one, right? RIGHT??????

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MrsIrB said...

I have one of those trays! Want to get more...

Trick to get the ice out: turn over the tray and push on the back of the ice cube compartment with your finger. It will invert, ice will come out, and you can push it back in. Took us a bit to figure that out.