Sunday, January 22, 2006

Warcraft Washcloth

Some people always have socks on the go and they aren't counted as a part of their ongoing projects. I do that with Washcloths. As previously mentioned, I knit during down times in game. But sometimes, I get to a point where I will screw up whatever it is I am working on if I don't pay close attention so I just start a garter stitch washcloth. They are useful, easy to knit regardless of what I may be doing, and quite a luxury to use if you find a good yarn.

Here is the latest one, done in cotton stash yarn, and ends not yet woven in.


shmom said...

this is one of my FAVORITE patterns. I make the exact same cloth all the time!!! Another "coincidence".

MrsIrB said...

Woahs! I just finished my own washcloth yesterday! Mine, however, is a 'driving' project that I knit on when waiting at the many red lights from my work to home.