Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I finished up the first of the Geisha socks today. I have not yet mastered taking decent pictures of my feet so I fear you must all suffer with me.

The sock is very comfy. And it fits well with this particular pair of flip flops. It's a little too loose for my other pair. I look forward to having a pair of them. I am using the KnitPicks Dancing yarn in Rumba colorway. At least I think it's the Rumba colorway. I like the yarn a lot. It's elasticy. It's been interesting to knit with the final product is very giving and comfy. I don't however really like the colorway. It sucks. I don't like any of the colorways in this yarn. This leads me to believe I won't use it again until they come out with more. Perhaps a solid? A solid would be really nice.

Now I'll cast on for that second Jaywalker and work towards getting it done, so I can do the second of this pair. Or perhaps I'll leave the socks on hold and do that felted bag I really want.....

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