Sunday, January 29, 2006


Remember when I posted about All About Yarn? Well I do. And since then I have been thinking I should give them another chance. Especially after reading this.

The premise behind the store is a good one. And yes, they need to not be snippy at each other in the store in front of customers because it might be the customer's first time in the store, like it was mine, and said customer might be really turned off by that, as I was. But... I was a grumpy bitch that day and felt like it was time to give it another shot.

Eunny just knitted up Shedir. This is a pattern I have loved for ages, and as you can see it is on my list, but I don't see getting around to it any time very soon. But Eunny used Rowan Felted Tweed instead of Calmer, and it's lovely. Much more my style than if I were to use Calmer. I like textures and Felted Tweed certainly gives that. But I digress.

I also needed some US 6 circs for the upcoming Mystery Shawl 3 KAL that I have decided to participate in. I am using the yarn I ordered for MS2. Hooray for the stash bust.

OK, so... I needed stuff. I went to All About Yarn again. For the second time. I didn't hate it. I didn't get any ookie feelings this go 'round. Everything was great. The lady ( I didn't get her name) was very helpful, and while they didn't have the Rowan Cashsoft DK I was wanting, and they (still) don't carry Brown Sheep, it was an overall pleasant experience. I have now upgraded them to be a store I would shop at regularly. Except I seem to mostly to random yarn shop on Tuesdays and that is when they are closed.

But OMG! There was some lovely beautiful fabulous lace yarn there called Whispers and I can just see so many pretty lacy things made with it. I almost bought several skiens. I mean.... MS3 after all, or Eunny's Print o' the Wave stole, or... I don't know.... ANYTHING in that beautiful, variegated, lovely yarn. *drool*

I managed to get out of there with only the addi Naturas and the one ball of Felted Tweed. Go me.

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vlb5757 said...

I found your blog via Wendy Knits just tooling around. I read your profile that you crochet. Which do you do more of? I have been a life long crocheter but have recently, and I do mean recently...learned to knit. We did a cotton dish cloth that just about drove me over the edge!!