Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Batman Begins.

You know that niggling feeling you get? The one that says... "Hrm.... You should really work on this project right now. I know you hadn't planned on it and you have other things to do, but really, work on this."

I got that. I had been toying around with my Batman Intarsia idea for a while. All in my head. I decided that I should actually take a look at the pattern I was basing this off of, and maybe get started on the first piece and plan some color and design placement. I got the 4T shirt I had bought to use as a reference. I cast on and measured as I went. I figured my gauge and my plans. And then I realized, the shirt I bought was short sleeve. I had NO IDEA how long to make the sleeves!

So I got in touch with Batman Junior's mother. Turns out his birthday is at the end of April and not in July like I thought it was. Hello little feeling, I hear you loud and clear! And I know that it's the time of year that is not for receiving sweaters, no matter how cool. So I am making this on the largish side of 4T (possibly it's 5? I don't have kids, I don't know.) and am supplementing it with Batman Armbands, a Batman Hat, and a Batman Ninja-tie Headband. Then perhaps he won't try to wear the sweater when it's 80 degrees out this summer.

Where is Christian Bale when you need him?

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