Sunday, March 19, 2006

No pictures.

My camera is in my car and I don't feel like going down to get it so... yeah.

I went with Coleen (Lighting Chick Knits from Sucky Knitting Girls) to the Baltimore Knitting Group's Field Trip. It was great fun. We met up at All About Yarn, where I purchased two size 1 24 inch addis that are not naturas so hopefully they won't snap like my natura's did, and two balls of Dale Stork in color 105 (it's variegated blues. I know, ME! Variegated yarn! Why! That's so.... not shocking at all.) I plan to use this yarn to try making toe up socks at the same time on two circs.

Then we went to some coffee place and ate and knit and chatted for several hours. It was good stuff.

And then, because I was so close, I went ahead and went up to Celtic Knot Yarn Shop.
They have sari silk for sale there now! They also are now carrying that new yarn, "Meditation" that smells like Lavender when you knit with it. I managed to limit myself to only 3 skeins of the silk, because I can actually use it to make something for the-woman-allergic-to-wool, aka Mom.

I also managed to finish my Batman Motif (after ripping it 3 times) yesterday evening, and I have to say I am pleased with it. The rest of the sweater should progress along nicely.

That's it, pictures later.

OH! Don't forget if you are in the Columbia, MD area, Sucky Knitting Girls meets at the Panera Bread on Dobins at 7pm!!!!! Come join us!


Coleen said...

Now see... did I really need to know about that yarn at Celtic Knot? No... I don't think so! :)

Had a great time with you yesterday.

See you tomorrow!

PuppyMomma said...

They have that lavender yarn at Cloverhill too! I almost bought some on Saturday (they have their anniversary sale on my birthday every year) because of the sale, but I settled for that new sock yarn with aloe and jojoba in it instead. I'll be bringing it with me tomorrow night. I did go to All About Yarn on Friday though, and bought yarn for Eunny's Argyles, so hopefully she'll have whipped up the pattern for me. See you tomorrow!

Amie said...

See you tonight, you sucky knitter you!