Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Still no pictures.

Ok so I left the camera in the car again last night. Sue me.

In other news:

The Columbia Knit Night (aka Sucky Knitting Girls) was great! There was laughter and drooling over yarn and projects, and even a little knitting. Check out the link to Lighting Chick Knits in my sidebar for the pictures. Coleen not only brought her camera, she actually got it out and took some snaps! :)

As for the Batman Sweater, it is under revision. I have the back done. But now I am having doubts about the original plan for the sweater and have to rethink it. Do I just want to make a Vest? Do I want to do a sweater with a zipper? Or maybe buttons? Can I find Batman buttons? *sigh.* Should this be read by the intended recipient's Mom, can you please advise what he would be most likely to wear? Should I just say screw it and make a pullover? I have no idea.

So... in light of the delay on Batman, and instead of finishing up a current project or starting on my mom's Clapotis, (yes I know the first one I started isn't finished... hush!) I cast on for toe-up socks on two circs with the Dale Stork I nabbed on Saturday. It's a neat concept. I feel like it's moving very slowly but then I keep reminding myself it's two at once, not just one, so it has to be better. Or something.

Pictures tomorrow if I remember!


Amie said...

That's exactly why I don't like two at a time. It feels so much slower because you look at the progress and think "I've only gotten half an inch" when really you've done a full inch, just spread out....

Coleen said...

Hey Laura!

I need your email address!