Saturday, March 04, 2006

My first time.

At creating my own cable that is.

Remember the picture I took from Ironforge in World of Warcraft?

Well, I finally started tinkering with it.

And then I drew my chart (and cussed).

Now I just need to get it into an electronic format so I am not dependent on this one piece of paper to remember my cable. I am also thinking of tweaking it some more... I have one or two more variations of it I am considering. I am not sure they would work out just right, but you never know until you chart, do you?

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Amie said...

There's a program called "Aran Paint" that you can download a free copy of online - I've used that, which is more limited than the full version (which costs I think only about $30 or so) but it helps you chart out all your own cable patterns and such. Good stuff.

Your cable looks lovely!

Hope to see you tonight at Borders!