Monday, March 06, 2006


This is the second glass I have broken in just under 3 weeks. It was one of my favorites too! This is why our household has a plethora of plastic cups. Classy eh?

Thanks to Amie (RosebyAny in the Sucky Knitting Girls Links) and her suggestion of Aran Painter, I found my afternoon sucked away clicking my mouse and painting away at my cable pattern. It was great. I'll most likely buy this software once I find employment. (On a side-note, what the hell is wrong with Monster? They send me jobs that have nothing to do with what I entered. Sometimes it's frustrating, to say the least.)

Since it was the free demo copy, I just clicked away like a maniac and did screenshots to share how they looked.

First up, the cable as plotted on the graph paper.

Next, how it looks in a repeat. (Yay for photoshop!)

I like this, but it's just so BIG.

So I did some tweaking, and about the 3rd or 4th tweak through, I came up with this.

And the repeat....

I think I am happiest with the second one, just for ease of doing it and overall appearance. You really need several repeats to appreciate the motif and when it's huge, you just can't have as many. So it looks like I'll be charting again. (Note: If I had purchased the software, after I tinkered with it, it would have printed me a chart, or directions, or set it up in html for easy sharing with the world. Nice.)

And finally, I leave you today with a gratuitous cat shot. Here is Bri, busted playing with one of the dog's stuffies. Ironic when you consider that the only toys she plays with now are his cat toys.


Amie said...

I actually had the demo on my computer at work, for those mindless days of knit-tinkering. I have a mac now at home, and they don't make a mac version, but I do like the program... so if you get it, I'll just have to come play with the full version at your place!

My dog Oscar always tries to play with the cat toys, and the cat Trevor tries to steal dog bones (in fact, when he was a wee kitten I had him trained to sit on command in exchange for a Beggin' Strip, but he's since discovered his feline disdain and no longer does it...)

Latoya said...

Hey, what is this free trial you talk about? I'll have to do Yahoo! searching on that.
Great stuff that you came up with.
Ah, cats. I have 2 of them and we do what we please. My husband and the dogs definitely don't like that. Smile.
Knit/Creat on!

Jen said...

Ooh, thanks for the screen shots of Aran Painter. I'm working out a celtic cable right now too! I will definitely test this out.