Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Batman Revised.

Last night I did intarsia for the first time. It took a little bit to get hang of it, and it's possibly still not right, but I am happy with it now. I was not happy with the half-way point of my chart. The emblem was just too small. And to double (quadruple?) it would mean it was a little jumpy and way too big as well.

So I printed out some knitting graph paper and got the colored pencils from my previously unused art kit, and went at it.

I used the chart I had as a base for my sketch and then plugged it into an excel spreadsheet. Then I tweaked it a bit. I tweaked so much I have to drop down and change some of my stitches now.

The result of my labor is available here for you to download should you find yourself needing a batman emblem chart. I did the chart in gray and yellow so that you could still easily count stitches and I made it as big as I could on one page. So if you have need for the caped crusader, have at it.


Lolly said...

How cool! I have not tried intarsia yet... the possibilities are endless!

Hope you are well ;)

Amie said...

It's looking good!

I'm not a big fan of intarsia much, but I can't wait to see yours Monday night!

And did I miss a post about a never-ending-strap ending? Or did we give up?

Laura said...

LOL! Nope, I gave up. Well not really. I have some brown wicker handles that I like and will probably use, I am going to bring them Monday to see what ya'll think. I didn't rip what I had so far however so I can always pick it back up in case the other handles suck.