Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How Freakin' Cool.

How cool is this?! Amie, aka RosebyAny (see sidebar for link), knit me a turtle soap holder. Out of the blue! He's so damned cute too! I love him. She said she was willing to write up a pattern for him too, if someone asked. I think I am going to do so. I was a little out of it last night, so I doubt my true appreciation for this little fella came thru when I received, but I love the little bugger.

And here he is stuffed with a peppermint tea-tree soap from my cabinet. He's actually a little darker than he is in these pics, I took Soapy (yeah, I named him Soapy) out on the porch for the light and the flashed kicked in as well. Can you say.. overexposure children? Sure you can.

I finally got around to starting the front of the Batman pullover last night, so hopefully I'll have something to show in another day or two. Happy Knitting!

EDIT: Bonus entry!

And another thing..... I was looking around for some new blogs to add to my list today... when BAM! Oh. My. God. I love this freaking sweater. My shmoo NEEDS this freaking sweater.

So I give him the link; "wow...that's rather nice"!!!!

Hell yes! A sweater we both like. FOR HIM!

It's Pulse by Kim Hargreaves for Rowan's Denim People. I have looked at this book before mind you, and thought...ehhhhh it's ok I guess. And the picture of the sweater in white and blue, it does it no justice. But wow! Loving those blues! And imagining it in greens.

So... anyone got this book they wanna sell cheap?


Amie said...

LOL - I'm so glad you like him! What can I say - you inspired me!

Hope you're feeling better soon - I'll post the pattern on my blog tonight.

Amie said...


Lolly said...

That is such an adorable little turtle! ;)

Denim People is a great book - worth the investment. Did you check Ebay? I think Amazon may have some used copies too.

Have a good Wednesday~

PuppyMomma said...

Hey, e-mail me wouldja? I need your help on something. Unless of course you will be knitting on Monday.