Tuesday, May 30, 2006


First! Knitting content.

Another Log Cabin washcloth is almost done.

I have started the Yoda Sweater designed by Cari. I am doing this in some Peter Pan acrylic something or other. It was Odessa 2 but I ripped it because I wanted to use it for this.

And I haven't made any more progress on anything else. I have, however, set up a knitting chatroom on the IRC network I am always on. While I may not be there all the time, my computer is. If you'd like to drop in, just click on the link on the sidebar and go from there.

Finally, the picture below is from last week. We were eating hotwings, and because we were in the living room, I was sitting on the floor and close to the coffee table. Daisy was waiting, not quite patiently, to swoop in and grab anything I dropped, and this is the face that peered up at me the entire time I ate.


Stacey said...

Hee hee - looks just like my dogs - was there a puddle of drool on the floor? :)

Coleen said...

love the puppy picture. She's got the sad pathetic eyes thing down!

Mama -E said...

hey girl!!!!see you soon???