Monday, May 22, 2006


After fightingit for a few days, and even going to Wine in the Woods ( on Saturday and meeting up with Lolly and Coleen (links on sidebar). It was great fun, and I think the wine helped me ignore that I was getting sick.

Shmoo and I found out that we have very differing tastes in wine. I like fruity and sweet. He detests it. He dosn't mind fruity and dry, or woody and dry, but the only type of wine I can stand causes him to make a face.

I was suprised by the number of vineyards in Maryland, and I think we might plan some day trips to them some time this summer. We bought some wine from Leow's Vineyard. One Honey & Grape for me, and two Harvest Red for shmoo. I want to go to Boordy at some point and pick up some of their Sangria, it was lovely as well.

As for knitting, I have managed to finish my log cabin washcloth between stints of hot tea and naps.

And now for the promised geeky keyboard pictures. Unlit, lit, and close up.

Have a good one, I am going back to my decongestants, chicken soup, hot tea, and bed.


Stacey said...

Neat keyboard - my hubby would love it! I'm a fruity/sweet wine person too...hubby, opposite. Weird.

Hopefully some sun, tea and rest will get you better soon!

Coleen said...

feel better! drink more wine!

Lolly said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better! I hope it was not that wine with the peaches in it...

Cool keyboard!!

Jolene said...

Feel better soon!

MrsIrB said...

Arbor Mist! Woot!

And I LOVE the keyboard. I want one of my own.

Amie said...

Take care of yourself, and maybe wet that beautiful wash cloth and put it on your forehead.

Or just look at it - it's stunning!