Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I've frogged the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I wasn't that far into it, so no big loss. But I dropped some crucial stitches (ones too hard to just pick up and fix) before I had gotten to the point I wanted to place my first lifeline.

I'm probably going to frog the yoda sweater beginnings as well. I'm not happy with it. The fabric it's creating is too thin. I have some other things in mind for the baby so it's not a huge loss, but I did think it was cute.

I think I am frogging my start on my toe-up socks too. I might do those lovely lace socks from IK in that yarn instead. Or maybe something else.... not sure yet.

Perhaps I'll just work on finishing up some of my open projects instead. Maybe a clean slate would help. Or maybe I'll flip thru the mags and books and find something else to work on.

Or maybe I'll do another flower basket. Or maybe I'll start lady eleanor. Or... or... something!

I'm just bleh about my knitting. I know I said I'm process, but I want the things my process creates to be nice so when I get the "this is not working" feeling, I am listening to it.

Maybe I'll just start the big area rug for the kitchen.


Stacey said...

sometimes a lot of frogging can be cathartic - a "clean slate" kind of thing. Good for you for listening to your gut and not making it work just for the sake of knitting it. I, too am about the process, but also like to have finished things I love!

I am going to start the simply lovely socks out of some Opal I got at MDSW....they are so cute!

ruthee said...

I have knit Lady Eleanor, and it is a wonderful knit!

I know what you mean about being blah....I go through that about 4 times a year and either I dig through my stash and/or patterns and get inspired or I have to buy some yarn...not always a huge purchase but just 'something' to jump start me.