Monday, May 01, 2006


Drop Stitch Hoodie has a completed back. Can't decide if I want to do fronts or sleeves next.

If you have a Mac, check this link:

Mac has changed some things and now viruses for them are starting to appear out t here. Also, it has fellow shmoon Rodney in it, and I think he's a nice guy.

Columbia (aka Sucky Knitting Girls) Knitting Group is meeting tonight at 7 at Borders.

Maryland Sheep and Wool is this weekend. (As if you didn't know!) And the Knitbloggers Ball is this Saturday night. The details are on Mama-E's blog. (link in the side bar, I'm lazy this morning.)

Also, it seems that Maryland has a huge Ren Faire in the fall. As big as Georgia's in the spring. I want to go, but perhaps for the first time ever I am thinking of going in costume or something else super cheesy. Are their knitting patterns out there for these outfits? And lord help, what would you knit it in that wouldn't be too hot?

Time to put the laundry in the dryer. Ya'll have a nice week!


Amie said...

We have a great Ren Fest! I'd love to go with you! I don't do the costume thing (I'd rather have the money to spend on other things) but it's a blast anyway!

Now stop reading comments and go knit lace!

Theresa said...

I love Ren faire! I go in costume--stuff I bought there (super dork, that is me). You could knit a corset-ish tank. Seem to be a few of those around (alternits has one, latest Vogue knitting has one). Even just a simple tank that you lace up at the top could be good. Or a peasanty top. If you sew, there are tons of patterns for bodices. A pretty shawl could be good for the Oct. weekends (if you can wait that long to go or just go more than once like I do!)

Love the shawl for your grandmother. That color is perfect for it.