Friday, May 19, 2006


I started the Hippopotamoose socks from Knitty. You know the ones. No one can pronounce/spell/remember the name properly but they have that cool pattern? Yeah, those.

Turns out, the pattern wasn't as cool as I thought, so they got ripped. BUT! I loved loved loved the look of the plain twisted rib. LOVED. So I restarted a toe up sock with the same yarn and plan on just doing twisted rib. I'm not super far into it, but that's ok.

The more I start things and rip and reknit, the more I think maybe I am process knitter. I knit things for the finished product of course, but I want them to be things I like, whether I am keeping them or not, so it doesn't bother me much to rip, or abandon a yarn or pattern. Perhaps that's also why I have a bazillion projects.

I haven't been doing much knitting this week. We've been doing some rearranging here at the house, and I've been a little bit geeky as well. I ordered a new keyboard. (It should be in today so I'll update this with pics later.) And I have been working on re-setting up my server since it died ages ago, and I really want it back. The geeky bit is that it used to be debain flavored linux and now it's FreeBSD (also a sort of *nix flavor, but really it's own seperate branch) and I am using fluxbox for the window manager/gui.

It will be nice to have my email on my server again and get my photo gallery back up and running. It's a steeper learning curve for me (and I never did really figure out how to do much more than bare bones with debian), but I have a nice book, tons of web docs, and shmoo, so it should be fine. I'm pleased to be close to having it done and everything restored like it should be.

That's about it, I might add a pic of my tiny piece of sock when I update, just to maintain the knitting content.

Have a great weekend!

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Stacey said...

Too bad about the socks, but at least there was a part you kept that you loved! Did you not like the pattern itself or the yarn in the pattern? Process knitting is always interesting in that to me, the end result is not the important part!