Friday, May 12, 2006


Since finishing Flower Basket, I have felt a little lost. I didn't want to do any of my current projects, but I wanted to knit. Mostly I wanted to knit more lace, but didn't really have any yarn I wanted to work with. And I wasn't sure of a pattern, and I didn't have the needle size I wanted to work with the yarn I had.

So... I ordered the Diamond Fantasy Shawl pattern. I ordered many many skeins of Palette from Knitpicks in Red and Pool. And a lace book by Martha Waterman.

Then I went to All About Yarn and did some stash enhancing. I picked up some KFI Whispers to do some lace something for my mom for her birthday or Christmas. I also replaced my two balls of Dale Baby Ull, this time in a claret color, as I had a plan for that yarn already and it's just waiting on the pattern to be available. I also nabbed a blue Chibi and a pair of sz 4 Natura's. I think I have just about decided that Natura's are my favorite needles.

I also frogged my toe-ups on two circs. I turned the heel to early, and I still didn't really have a stitch pattern in mind, and so I decided to just frog it all and try again later, perhaps when I have something more specific in mind. Or maybe I'll do some cotton lace. Who knows.

In the mean-time, I started Knitty's pedicure socks. Certain to be abandoned if not finished by the time my lace goodies get here, and possibly even sooner if I decide which pattern I want to use that Whispers for. (Possibly Print o' the Wave)

That's about it. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


K2 Knits said...

Hey Soap Turtle...

Just wanted to say a quick hello. Your finished shawl is amazing! I'm so impressed that you finished it so quickly. Rock on!

Have a great day!

PS: The pedicure socks are cute but lace looks like much more fun...

Stacey said...

That whisper yarn is beautiful! Should be very pretty knitted up into lace....

I hate end of project ambivalance - not knowing what to knit. Very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

What yarn are those blue/navy striped socks?