Tuesday, May 02, 2006


It's finally happened. I have cracked. I have decided that my Grandmother needs a Flower Basket shawl this Mother's Day. Yes, this Mother's Day. Cracked.

I started with Knitpicks Shadow in Lost Lake and did it double stranded like the pattern said. I got halfway thru my second repeat of the lower chart and decided it was too bulky and unclear.

So I frogged and started over single stranded.

Yeah, I frogged that too. It was too thin and loose.

So, I went to the stash, hoping it wouldn't let me down. Possibly considering my KnitPicks Essentials sock yarn. Wondering if I had enough not to run out....

Dale Baby Ull for the win. It's a lovely peach color, and if I run out, I can hike it to the LYS and pick up another ball. I have caught back up to where I frogged and feel good about it this time.

So when you don't hear from me, just know that I am desperately slaving away at my crazy mission, questioning my sanity every few minutes. I'll try to post pictures as I go, but if not, I'll nab a finished one before I send it off.


Coleen said...

If you need me to do a yarn run for you, I'd be happy to! Just let me know.

It looks beautiful in the peach!

PuppyMomma said...

Lucky granny.