Saturday, July 01, 2006


I was looking forward to July 1st with great anticipation.
Not only are we going to a cookout this weekend to celebrate the 4th, but it should have been a good knitting day.

Knitty was scheduled to have a new issue out today. It doesn't. I would complain more, but it's free, and you get what you pay for.

Spindlicity is now a month overdue for a new issue as well.

Magknits is on time with it's July issue, and there are two things I like in it, so there is hope there, not that I will get around to making them any time soon anyway.

And Interweave doesn't have it's preview up for the fall IKnits yet. And it comes out on newstands August 8th. My renewal notice said it had already left (it lied I am sure) and was on it's way to me, but that was a week ago, and it's not out for another month. I figured at the very least if it had "left the building" there would be a preview for it. Nope.

So all in all, I am disappointed. And Magknits is becoming my favorite online knitting mag for it's monthly updates and timely updates. It may not have but 6 or so patterns at a time, but if you hate them all, you only have to wait a month.

Enjoy the weekend, and earlyHappy Fourth!

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Stacey said...

So frustrating about Knitty - I wait and wait and wait, and am too often dissapointed. I agree about MagKnits - at least you only have to wait a month! I'm curious as to IK for Fall - should hopefully have some nice cozy fall/winter knits in it!