Wednesday, July 05, 2006

At last.

The new knitty is up. With a assload of sock patterns.

Ok, it's really an "extremities" issue and it would appear from reading the scoop that it's another mini issue (and the last!) rather like the men's issue last summer.

Glancing over it quickly, I like....

Baudelaire -Yes I know it's by the same person who made the failed Pomatomussusses and Hedera, I know. But I'll end up trying them anyway. And this one... it's toe up. I will not curse the attempt of making them by using the red yarn again however. I am just going to save it for another pattern that I know will be available soon.

Lickety Split -I'll never make them most likely, but I like them.

Fetching -I've yet to actually complete a pair of armwarmers, but these have potential, even I personally will extend them further up the arm if I make them.

Swell -I'm always looking for things to use up leftover Clapotis yarn, and this just might be one of them.

So yeah, that's about it. Not saying you'll be seeing any of these soon. I still haven't made Topi or Nautie from the last issue.

Now, that being said, onwards and upwards! Shmoo's sock is progressing. I'd model it for you but it's a little saggy on my foot. I'm fairly close to being at the heel. Hoorah.

And the promised picks of the red/black/white roving spun up. I need to call this something besides red/black/white. But I can't decide between something desertish, like chococherry delight, or something blood-n-goreish/gothy/vampiric, like.... carnage... or something.

Let's go with desertish. Chococherry ftw.

It's my new usual, a fingering weight, and this skank is a tidge over 28 yards.


Stacey said...

Nice spinning! If you were going for gothish names the colors look like a bruise gone bad... :)

Ugh -too many new patterns out! Must have more time!

Kim said...

I like the Fetching mitts, myself. I have so many oddballs of yarn that I find myself fantasizing about fingerless mitts I can make.

The rest of the knitty, eh. Knucks and Halfdome are ok.

trek said...

I like the new socks, too, and also still haven't knit a Topi.

trek said...

I like the new socks, too, and also still haven't knit a Topi.

PuppyMomma said...

Too cute! You do great work with a drop spindle.