Monday, July 17, 2006

Warm Tingly Feelings.

Today started off rather badly. I awoke at 6 am as usual, but with a nasty headache. And I felt like I had been run over by a rather big truck. So after seeing shmoo off to work, I laid back down and tried to sleep off my headache.

It didn't work.

So I took some ibuprofen and laid back down some more. And finally, it was down to a dull roar, unless I decided to be in a position other than horizontal. If I stood up, throb throb when my head. So... more ibuprofen, and a big glass a tea, and then off to work and knitting group.

My head still hurt when I got to Panera tonight, so I thought it wouldn't be a great night. I took some Advil liqui-gels and ate my dinner, and damn if it didn't turn out to be a fabulous night.

We picked up 5, yes 5 new knitters tonight. And had another knitter who had come previously return, which is success of another kind after a rowdy night with us.

The lovely new ladies who joined us and have blogs are now listed in my sidebar, so go check them out and tell them hi. They are fun.

The fifth knitter we picked up tonight was named Sharice. (Hi Sharice, I hope I spelt your name right!) She's a hooker. And Coleen asked her if she wanted to join us but she declined as she was there waiting on her husband and crocheting a beautiful throw. Then her husband called her and told her he was going to run even more late and she decided to come and join us after all. She was fun. And her husband's relief at finding her not infuriated and ready to beat him senseless was comical. She was sitting there laughing with us and not mad at all. And best of all, I think she's going to come back. It's fun to make new fibery friends.

Speaking of fibery friends, Erin (of Mama-E fame, not new to the group Erin, boy that's going to get confusing in the future!) made me stitch markers. And they are fabulous. Have a look!

Now, lest you think I am offended by these saucy words, I'm not. It shows she really loves me!!! I often use the word asshat to describe people who are bothersome, and well, there's a saying I have that involves me being a dirty whore, so that fits as well. It's a true friend who not just tolerates your quirks but celebrates them with you.

In fact, I love all my fibery friends. Despite being tired and sweaty and headachy tonight, it felt good to see them. It felt good just to joke and talk and be with people who understand exactly what I am trying to say, despite my saying it all wrong. (It's ok you know, I'm southern.) It felt good to laugh too, and we did so much laughing my cheeks hurt.

So thank you Columbia Knitting Group aka Sucky Knitters. You made my day!


Molly Morrison said...

Aww, sorry you had a headache, but I'm glad you felt better and that I got to meet you along with everyone else!

See you in a few weeks!

Coleen said...

Good fun tonight! Thanks for posting all the new blogs!

Jen said...

It was really nice meeting you! I didn't get to see the stitch markers up close in person... they're too funny!

Amie said...

You're a great big dirty whore and we love you for it!

MrsIrB said...

Dirty marble loving whore!

Lolly said...

We had such fun! I hope that all of the laughing made the headache go away ;)

Those stitchmarkers are a RIOT!

Smoggo said...

It was great to meet you last night, I had a lot of fun.

trek said...

Sounds like a great night!

Stacey said...

That is so great the little group is expanding!!!

Those stitch markers are hilarous!

Mama -E said...

we love you girl...even if you are southern.

Heide said...

LOVE the stitch markers. Erin seems like a real hoot to be around and I wish I lived near y'all. My husband is from the south and I've noticed that Southern Women can get away with saying just about anything about another person if they just add "Bless his/her heart" in conjunction with the statement. Us Yankees just sound catty, whereas y'all sound charming! Headaches suck and you were a trooper to go inspite of one and have fun.

Erin said...

Thanks for making me feel so welcome on Monday. I loved the group and I'll definitely be back.