Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm not not licking frogs.

Ok, I cracked. I'm guilty. But you had to know I would. I mean... Supersheep! How could I resist casting on for it?

Actually, I went to do the charts, and when I got them done and posted and linked, I just had the urge to keep going. So I did. I cast on and then didn't like the needle size because it made it too small over all and then I cast on again on 2s and upped the number of stitches and I liked it just fine. Then I realized my orignal plan wasn't going to work as well as I wanted it to and I was carrying over 12 stitches regularly and that just wasn't going to work. And I noticed a mistake in the 5th row as well. I had knit over half a row instead of purlling it.

So here's my drawing of the original plan (1) and the new revised plan (2).

And here's my first ever attempt at fairisle/stranded knitting. (And it didn't suck near as much as I thought it would. Of course the revamp makes it more intarsia than fairisle. Win some, lose some I guess.)

And here's a blurry photo of the guts for those of you who like to see that sort of thing.

It's now been frogged. I'll be starting over with the improved stitch count and going back to US1s once I get the cast on done. I think it will make a better fabic over all.

So, yes, I cheated on all my other projects again. But that's ok, this project feels right. Like I'm not forcing it. So that's a win.


Stacey said...

Not bad for a first attempt! I love doing stranded knitting (after my one hat!) - your sketches are too funny - I can't wait to see progress. Are you going to make a lump of green felted kryptonite? :)

Lolly said...

My my, that first sketch was just too ambitious! I like the 2nd better. I love the look of the stranded colorwork! I have to try this.

Have a good weekend, L!