Friday, July 07, 2006

Knot me.

Once upon a time, at a knitting group far away, the lovely and beautiful Princess Coleen said, "There are no knots in knitting!" To which I responded, "the hell you say!"

I'm a knotter. I admit it. I mean... sometimes you just can't felt every join, for whatever reason. And I always worry about the ends I weave in coming undone. It does happen at least once in a while doesn't it? After all, once it leaves your hands, it's out of your control and well... it could happen!

So Make Blog had an entry on knots for needle work, and an alternate non-knotting entry link as well, for those of you who are not knotters. I am passing this on because... well, it just might be useful to someone besides me.

Celebrate your individual style this weekend! Tie one on! Or knot.


Kim said...

Sometimes you just gotta knot.

Lolly said...

I have knot on occasion ;)

aija said...

I've been a super secret knotter on occasion :) Thanks for sharing the link!

Elinor said...

I've gone crazy with knots on the afghan I'm making. I'm terrified of what I'll have to do when it's finished. >.< Eek!

Amie said...

I knot regularly, and I laugh in the face of those who are appalled by it.

HA! I say to them. HA!