Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Last week, the wonderful and fabulous Coleen gave me some beaded stitch-markers (seen above) she made.

And then, last night, we had our knitting group at Border's, which is right next to JoAnn's. And we were talking about the fancy stitch-markers. And that they were easy. And that I had no clue what a jump ring was, nor did I know what kind of dooflachie to put the beads on. So Erin, Coleen, and myself took a little field trip next door. I bought jump rings and dooflachies. I bought one of those boxes of different kinds of beads in the same color, and a little tube of mixed random beads in the same color family. Lucky for me, I already have 2 sets of beading pliers from previous futile attempts at beading stuff. (and a ton of seed beads, but I digress....)

So today, while toodling around waiting for shmoo to be done at work so we can go see fire-works, and listening to the thunder and rain outside, I went nuts.

And I still have tons of stuff left to make more!!! Sadly, we could not find the larger jump rings so these lovely danglies will be for smaller sized needles. That's ok. They were fairly quick and easy.

I did a tiny bit of spinning on the black/white/red stuff, and it's currently soaking in the sink, so picture tomorrow perhaps. And while I have not knit a lick today, I did do some crocheting on the baby afghan I need to get done. Yay me.

Happy Fourth!!!!


Jolene said...

I think those are really pretty!

Coleen said...

Yay! I love them!

Lolly said...

It was great to see you last Monday!