Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hey! What's that?! Over there! Look!

Oh. It's just another post trying to divert you from my actual lack of real knitting progress.

Today I bring you Pincushions and Supersheep!

First, Pincushions. I have always been fond of pincushions. Not sure why, but there it is. The little ones, the big ones, from the plain tomato to the fancy ornate. I love them all. But I refuse to pay $14 (or more!) bucks for one. REFUSE.

To that end I bring you two things that lead to one idea.
1. Makeblog had an entry on soda pop bottle cap pincushions. You will find the makeblog entry on it here.
2. There's this woman, whose online shop is full of fabulous hand made pincushions for way more than I would ever want to spend on one. But I fell in love with one that is already sold. This one to be precise.

Isn't it lovely?

So... the big idea that has sprung forth is this: What about a small jar pin cushion, done the same way as the bottlecap one, with flowers like these on it, but.. wait for it... from felt that I have knit up and fulled as opposed to cheapie craft felt. (Ok, maybe the thin cheapie felt for the flowers, as it's thin and easier to cut.) It would be perfect for holding the T-pins I use for blocking in a decorative way. PERFECT!! Muahahahahaa!

And now.. Supersheep!

Have you seen the little sheep hand puppet on the cover of the Summer 06 Spin Off? If not, Coleen has made one and it's wonderful. And now, I want to make one. But not an Estonian one.

You see, I have all this red and blue knitpicks palette yarn in my stash that I didn't use for the things I intended to use them for. And what's red and blue if not superman? And if Superman were a sheep puppet, what would he be called? Why Supersheep of course!

And I'll be tea-dyeing the white Nature spun. I just don't want to have an albino supersheep. I think a nice off-white been out in the field fighting crime (or mean grass clumps and gophers) beige would be better. And more sheep-like. I'm going to try and get that done today.

I plan on using KnitPro to make a logo chart and then tweaking it to be similar to one of the repeats given in the magazine and going to town on my sheep puppet. Mind you, I won't actually make it until I finish at least the first of shmoo's socks. I need to get something finished so I can get my FO mojo back.

And then, who knows. Perhaps a Batsheep. Batsheep would be an awesome Christmas gift for the little Batman fan in my life, who also likes hand and finger puppets I might add.

And after that.. THE WORLD! MUAHAHAHAHA *cough* I mean.... maybe some more socks.


Stacey said...

Oh my gosh - Supersheep will be hilarious!!!! Is he going to have Lois Lamb also??? :) Wouldn't want him lonely!

Lolly said...

Supersheep is the greatest idea!! I can't wait to see more ;)

I need a pincushion... there are some tutorials for them on Craftster and Whip Up too. I was realizing my need for one this week while blocking my sister's knit!

Take care, Laura!