Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's my party...

and I'll whine if I want to. So today I am 31. Whee. Now that you can clearly see why it's my party, let's move on to the whining.

So I went to All About Yarn yesterday. It was OK. I have yet to be in a yarn shop that makes me feel comfortable. I don't know if it was because I was in a cranky mood, or what. They had a good selection of all these yarns I'd seen in patterns and on blogs. I finally got to see/touch Kidsilk Haze. I don't think I like it. I think it makes me want to cry. It's so fragile. My touch would be its death.

Perhaps I am still initimidated by the whole "yarn shop" thing. I have thus far been a solitary knitter. There really weren't any local shops near me in Georgia. Yes they had 3 in Atlanta, one of which I hear was great, but I am not driving 2 hours in traffic just for yarn. I'm sorry, I'm just not. All About Yarn had potential in that it's only 21 miles away. And they do carry Noro.

Another Disappointment. Noro Silk Garden. As seen here, I did go ahead and buy two skeins. I am sure they will become lovely hats for my family members this Christmas. I do love the way the yarn looks. I love the color transitions. I know I will love how these hats look when they are done. I don't think it feels particularly soft however. And it's a bit inconsistent in weight. I don't know if all the hype has led me to feel let down, or if I just expected.. MORE somehow. But it's not my favorite.

Speaking of favorites, my favorite yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky. The store didn't carry it. When I finally got up enough nerve to ask about it, I was told they don't carry it and she suggested 3 other things they carried to sub for it. Well. There are no signs on all this yarn. There's just different types of yarn everywhere. And she just kinda waved her hand around. It was not helpful. I have no idea what's what. I do know she said Lopi and I had already felt the Lopi and it was scratchy. I don't want expensive, scratchy yarn. I wanted nice soft Lamb's Pride Bulky dammit!

The staff at the store was mixed. There were 4 of them there. One older lady was really nice, but then when the store got busy she was busy helping a customer with something she was evidently doing in some class. That left me with the other people in the store. One lady was older than I was, but not by a whole lot I don't think. She was very short and hateful with the two other girls that worked there. Perhaps she too was having a really shit day. Then there were the two younger girls on staff, one of which I did not interact with and one of which checked me out. The checkout girl made it seem like taking my money was a burden. If ringing up two magazines and two skeins of yarn are that hard on you honey, perhaps this job is not for you. She didn't seem to like the fact that it was the my first time in the store and I wanted to be put on the mailling list and sign up for their points thing. I did. I know I am seemingly harsh about the store now, but I WAS in a bad mood, and I am hoping future experiences don't suck. I realize that my mood could have and most likely did affect my view of things. I mean, if Eunny likes it, it can't be that bad, can it?

Alas, I will have to trek way into Historic Ellicott City, which I would rather avoid like the plague, in order to get my Lamb's Pride on a local basis. I bet I just end up ordering it on Ebay. It's not insane to order a 5lb cone of yarn is it? IS IT?


eunny said...

by the way...

Happy freaking birthday!

MrsIrB said...

Happy birthday!

Expect spankings in IrC!