Monday, December 05, 2005

A day of Inspiration???

Or possibly overload.

First, let me say, My Aunt's scarf has undergone a change. I got pissed off last night when I picked up a stitch in the middle of the main cabling motif and couldn't find where it came from. There were various other annoyances going on at the time, (Verizon DSL has been flakey ever since we got it and there was a queue on our warcraft server. These combined to mean that every time we managed to get on we got disconnected and had to start all over again. I gave up and knit instead) and that was just the last one. Instead I started over with a yarn from my stash. I bought it last year, some kind of wool blend. Two ply. Thick and thin. Lovely color. It's now going to be a garter stitch shawl on size 13s.

Now, onto the the inspiration. NEW KNITTY! Out today! Biggest Issue EVAR!!! I want to make the Boogie Time and Tempting II. I also like Danica and Cheesy Puffs. Cheesy Puffs could end up as a sweater for Shmoo. I have always wanted to make Tempting. It was one of the things that encouraged me when I first started to knit. One day, I told myself, I can make that sweater. Now Jenna has redone it and I like it so much better! And this time she has included my size so I don't have to do "the maths"! Yay. Very happy with Tempting II, and one day, hopefully this winter, I'll make it.

My Winter 2005 Interweave Knits came today as well. I love the cover shot. That ballet wrap cardi... I plan on having one. Not with the Colinette yarn however. Perhaps with my favorite, Lamb's Pride Bulky. I also like the Hip Hop Cardi and the Pearl Buck Swing Cardi. Both are appealing for different reasons. One is just warm and cuddly looking and the other has a classic feel to it. Not to mention both of these patterns are in my size, so once again, no math.

And now I leave you with pictures of Daisy getting a bath in the sink last night. Shmoo felt the need to take pictures. She hates baths.

Shmoo called her name to get her to look at him in this one. She was hopeful. She thought he might save her. She was wrong.

Trying to climb out of the sink to get away from the horrible soap and water.

Sad and pitiful from the abuses to which I have subjected her.

The cat watching all the action from the floor. Probably mocking her.


Anonymous said...

AH, the torturous bath >:-o Good tto see L'il Bit is still getting alond well in "The Arctic North" - hee, hee...

- penny

p.s. -- the recipe I have is for Egg Drop Soup - not Hot & Sour Soup :-( *sorry* -- but I can send that one if you want it ;-)

Cari said...

Nothing quite so sad as a tiny dog fresh from the bath, is there?