Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I didn't cast on for Jaywalkers. Nope, nope, nope! Not me. I am a good girl and I am waiting until all my other projects previously listed are done. That is not a printout of the pattern, nor my new bamboo addis, nor knitpicks sock yarn. Me? Give in to the power of new needles and new yarn and a new pattern that everyone seems to love? Surely you jest. *Shifty Eyes* Hey! What's that!?! Look over there!!!

Biscuits anyone? Made with White Lily of course! As a side note, that skillet was my great-grandmother's(Mother's Dad's Mom). Can you say seasoned children? Suuuurreee you can.


Penny said...

oooooh, the beauty of light, flaky biscuits! they are purdy :-D
- penny
p.s. -- sorry for the double post on Day of Inspiration (I am blog challenged - lol)

eunny said...

Ohhhh, man, do those biscuits look good - the skillet's a beaut, too.

Enjoy knitting the jaywalkers - they're so much fun!