Sunday, December 04, 2005

In progress.

I feel that it's time to sum up everything I have going on, perhaps that will motive me to get it all done so I can start the Jaywalker socks.

My Nana's hat, in Noro Silk Garden. A circular cable and two small twist cables on each panel. There are 4 panels and there will be two repeats before I start the decreases, which I am still unsure as to how to go about. I have ideas, we'll see.

My Aunt's scarf. Also in Silk Garden, which I am still disappointed with by the way. Same cables as the hat for my Grandmother, a bit different arrangement however, and of course, it's a scarf. The Noro for this one is darker as well. Yes this was originally a hat, I changed my mind about that when she mentioned needing a scarf however.

The poor forgotten shrug. I actually did a repeat on this while riding the Metro into Arlington this week. That was it, one repeat, and now it's back to the corner for it. I don't think I'll actually finish this before starting the Jaywalkers, but I haven't forgotten it either.

And here are the FCEK socks. Sitting there. Waiting on me to finish my Christmas knits so I can knit them and then move on to the Jaywalkers. They know I don't love them. They know I don't want to finish them. I am only a tiny way in on this, I could blow them off. I could try the Jaywalker pattern with them (not really, the yarn is too thick), but I won't. I will make them as I meant to and then promptly forget about them until I need a pair of socks to wear.

My completed crochet scarf. It took a little over an hour all told. And that includes the tacky tassles. I was feeling whimsical and a bit tacky at the time, so they got added. I know them for the bit of tack that they are and don't mind them a bit. They add a touch of weight to the ends of the scarf. Also, it's a basic scarf other than I made a whole in one side so that I can put one end thru the other while wearing it. My scarves always seem to come unwound from me, so this was a good solution, and what do you know, it worked! Shmoo is wanting a scarf now too. I am willing to bet I crochet his as well, without the tassles.

And finally, something that isn't knitting (or crochet). Shmoo showing off his fancy Logitech diNovo keyboard. And to increase the geek factor of this picture, yes that is the starwars IV, V, and VI box set in the background beside the printer. Yes that is slashdot on his Mac (for which I am to make a felted case for it, Eunny-style, eventually), and yes, that is warcraft on his monitor. I love my geeky boy.


AndrewHobbs said...

WHAT?! No tassles for me?!

the nerve!


yahaira said...

weird, our guy's must know eachother since mine is always on slashdot. he hasnt gotten the warcraft bug, though he's still into starcraft for some reason