Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to All...

Happy whatever your holiday of choice is. Now.. on to the loot!

Shmoo's mom,aka Shmom, (a fellow knitter) is the only person who got me knitting stuff for Christmas. And she did an awesome job. She sent me two addi's! Yes, two! Both 12", US sz 4 and US sz 5. I love them. I mean, besides being addi's they are so small and cute and will work so well on small round projects... love love love them!

She also sent Daisy and Bri some presents. Daisy got the Candy Cane rawhide chews pictured above with the Addis. Here she is guarding it. She may look cute and small and asleep, but she's not. She's waiting for shmoo to come along and try to take it so she can bark and growl at him.

Bri ran off with his Catnip Moose. I have no idea where he took it, but after he got high, he apparently had the munchies and went thru his entire bowl of catfood.

And here is the US5 12" Addi's already in use on my Jaywalker Armwarmers I started. I love using them already. I mean, I like dpn's. But a nice small circ you can just zip around with is hawt! You know it is!

And this is the glass turtle she got me. Shmoo said I couldn't have a live turtle. *sniff*.And finally, I think I am going to make these Catwarming meece from SnBN. I don't plan on using all the details on them, and I am using multicolored cotton. I want them to be washable and stand up to Daisy stealing them from Bri all the time. Poor Guy. He has no meece because she steals them all.

Also, I don't usually do New Year's Resolutions cause I think they are crap, but I think I am going to make knitting resolutions this year. More on that for New Year's!

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