Friday, December 30, 2005

Finished sock and other bits.

A friend of mine who often comments here, MrsIrb, wrote a guide that I just love. How to give a knitter a gift: A guide to non-knitters. It made me giggle. I recommend you go give it a look, and laugh.

I finished the first Jaywalker. I didn't do kitchner at the toe. I did a three needle bind off. Yeah, it made a visible seem outside the sock. I am ok with that, when I wear it, it is actually under my toe. I have toes longer than some people's fingers, so it works out fine.

I started my Clapotis. It's rather curly so I had to hold it down for the pic.

I went to The Celtic Knot today while I was in Ellicot City and picked up some yarn. I got two skeins of the green and two of the amethyst. Both Lamb's Pride Prairie Silks. The shot might be blurry but it's fairly true to color. (Camera decided it wanted to focus below the glass table for a change. Same problem in the sock shot.) I also got some brown to do the ballet wrap on the cover of IK Winter 05, but it turns out we didn't pay close enough attention when she came out of the back with more of the brown, because it was a different color brown and none of us noticed, so I have to take it back. That's ok. It gives me an excuse to browse some more.... right?

Finally, a candle I made recently. A 6" pillar scented (and colored) in layers. Sugar Cookie, Carrot Cake, Apple Jack, and Pecan Pie. An overall, homey, holiday cooking sort of smell with the individual scents peeking out as that layer is burned.

Also, we were at a friend's house baby sitting when I finished my sock. Their 4 year old decided that he wanted socks, and I needed to make them. RIGHT AWAY! So I am going to whip him up a pair of socks. When asked what color, he said, "Batman!" I tried to say it wasn't a color. Shmoo tried to say it wasn't a color. He went and got his Batman pillow and brought it to me and said, "See? Batman!" He finally decided that he liked the light blue I was using for the Clapotis and that I should make his socks with that. So very shorty, probably before I start my second Jaywalker to complete my pair, I'll be making Batman colored socks.

That just about sums it up. Have a safe and fabulous New Year!


Shmom said...

Well - the Jaywalker turned out GREAT. And I think I know the identity of the 4 year old. Will be good practice!!!
I'm anxious to see the armwarmers, too.

KathyB said...

Batman socks! Batman is totally a color.
See?. ;)