Monday, December 12, 2005

So I was thinking...

I really like the pattern stitch of the Jaywalkers. Love it, in fact. Shmoo's mom likes the pics I have taken of my Jaywalkers too. She asked if there were pictures of them so I pointed her to Grumperina's gallery of Jaywalkers. If that gallery doesn't convince they are cute socks, then you will never be of that opinion. I also told her what yarn I was using. KnitPicks, Simple Stripes, Autumn. But I digress.

Yesterday, I wanted to see how the cuff of the leg I am STILL working on would look on me. I didn't want to hurt my skacel sz 0 dpns, (I swapped from my circs sz 1s to the 0s so that it would bring in the pattern a bit at the ankle, I can't see much of a difference really, but we'll see in the final product.) so I put the sock on my arm instead. Your forearm, nearest your elbow is supposed to close in size to your ankle, at least I have always thought it was, so that was my test. At this point, it occured to me how hawt these would look as armwarmers.

So, because I have frogged out my FCEK sock and wound that yarn, when I finish my Jaywalkers, I will use (some) of that yarn for Jaywalker Armwarmers. I am basically going to do a tube of the needed size and then do the decreases within the pattern as needed for my arms. I have no idea how to do a gusset for the thumb so that will just be a slit where I have started knitting flat until it's time to join back together. I plan on using sz 6 dpns, as they seemed to work well with that yarn. (Moda Dea, Sassy Stripes, can't remember the colorway.)

I am a horribly slow knitter, so I thought if I put this idea out here, perhaps someone else would be able to take it and run with it and by the time I got around to it, there might even be some instructions on a thumb gusset.

So there you have it. My idea. Take it, run with it, make it your own. Or not. :)

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