Saturday, December 03, 2005

Move over King Arthur,

the Queen has arrived. The Queen of all flours that is. White Lily. THE cooking and baking flour of the south. You can go to their site and see why they think it's good. This is about why I think it's good. It makes "finer" biscuits. Even shmoo noticed and that was a quote from him. They just taste lighter and more refined. I couldn't match White Lily's texture even with sifting. When I made my White Lily biscuits I just put the flour in my bowl and went at it. NO SIFTING! And they were still better.

I have taken pictures of the sacred bag that was delivered unto me by the saint of flour deliveries (also known as my aunt). Gaze upon her beauty peasants and know the joy that is mine!

The top of the bag with the lovely guarantee, as well as the address if you aren't happy. And finally, below, the money shot. Bask, Rejoice, and go find your own bag!


yahaira said...

king arthur rules!

ahh hell Ill have to try this lilly stuff but I dont usually bake with self rising flour.

The biscuits sound and look delish

king arthur rulzs!

Laura said...

It comes in all-purpose too, but since I use it for biscuits and waffles, I generally go with self rising. On my trip back home next week I am getting some of both!