Saturday, December 31, 2005


As stated previously, I think New Year's Resolutions are bunk. Most of them aren't even kept a week, because people set themselves up for doing crazy things and then get upset when they fail. I agree a new year is a nice fresh start for doing/trying things however, but I don't think that waiting for a new year is necessary if you really want to make a change in your life.

On that note. These are my knitting resolutions and the only New Year's Resolutions I am making.

Complete the project or frog it. Don't leave it laying around half done.

No more than 4 WIP at one time, this includes small little quickie things. This includes everything! - Failed!

Knit something Lace. - Done!

Knit something Entrelac.

Knit something Intarsia. - Done!

Knit several somethings for shmoo.

Try to knit one pair of socks every 2 months. - Failed!

If it is meant to be a Christmas gift, it must be done by December 1.

Still do my other crafts as well.

A crochet WIP counts as one of the 4 WIPs I am allowed to have. - Moot.

Knit myself a sweater/cardigan.

Knit more chenille washcloths. (They make fabulous presents when given with a bar of handmade soap. I tend to always have the soap on hand, I should make a point to have more washcloths as well.)

Take a picture of each FO and put it in my photo gallery.

Realize that I will never make all the things I see and want to make, and buying yarn for those things doesn't get them made any faster.

Knit from the stash whenever I can. Even if I may not like the yarn as much. Even if the color isn't just perfect. (Or perhaps sell it? and make room for new yarn?)

Happy New Year Everyone!

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